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What is


Sigi Marmorstein and Dr. David TashmanSigi Marmorstein, FNP-BC and Dr. David Tashman established in 2012 as a first of its kind, open virtual clinic using advanced communication technologies to bring quality health care services to patients throughout California.  This clinic is available to all Californians regardless of insurance carrier or location.   As practicing healthcare providers with many years of experience in Emergency Medicine, they noticed the overuse of the ER by California residents due to lack of insurance or access to health care. can offer their patients a unique alternative to unnecessary, time consuming and costly emergency room and urgent care visits, many of them for medical advice or simple medical conditions.  With the severe Physician shortage in California and the increased waiting times in emergency rooms, is a safe, easy and affordable solution anyone can access from their home or office.

“Our goal is to provide online access to health care to anyone who needs a healthcare provider for simple medical questions or minor medical conditions affordably and conveniently.  We are not here to replace the primary care provider but to reduce the burden on the healthcare system and allow quick access to care when it is needed” (Sigi Marmorstein, FNP-BC).


Use when:

  • You are considering going to the Emergency room or Urgent Care but are fairly sure your condition is not immediately life threatening.
  • You are traveling out of state and need medical advice or medication/prescription refills.
  • You are a new parent or a seasoned one with questions about your child’s health.
  • You are an employer who would like to offer your workforce on-site access to healthcare, thus reducing employee absence and health care costs.
  • You are the owner of a long term care facility and would like to offer quick care for your residents.
  • You are a school or day care and would like to offer easily available care for your students.