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Open daily 9:00am–9:00pm PST


Urgent Care

  Urgent Care   See a doctor now for minor medical conditions via live video.
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Live Patient Interaction

  Our health care professionals are U.S. board certified, licensed and insured.  

Student Health Services

  Student Health Services   If you are a University, College or School who would like to offer your students online health.  
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  Employers   If you would like to offer convenient online health services to your employees.  
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Get Prescription

  Get Prescription   We can refill your prescription or give you a new one. Prescription will be sent directly to your pharmacy
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Medical Advice

  Medical Advice   Let our health care professionals answer your health related questions. Get medical advice.
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Chronic Health Management

  Chronic Health Management   Let us help you manage your Diabetes, High blood pressure, Cholesterol or any other chronic health conditions.
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What Our Patients Say...

"I was sick in bed and someone on Facebook sent me a link. Within 20 minutes I had created an account, and five minutes later I was chatting with a doctor. She diagnosed the problem and faxed a prescription to my local pharmacy. I felt like I was living in the future.
S.G., Los Angeles


"I was very satisfied with the service I received from Dr Tashman. Service was fast, effective and reasonably priced. I recommended the service to my friends and relatives, especially those who had mentioned concerns about visiting urgent care centers during flu season. I will utilize the service again myself and recommend it."
J.Y., San Francisco
"As a student I can not miss class getting to see  a doctor online from my dorms was the easiest thing and I did not miss class..."
V.B., UC Davis
"My work requires a sick slip. I got online saw a doctor and got one right away. It is easy, convenient and affordable"
S.T., San Diego